Paolo Barberis
, Chairman of DADA
download ppt (500kb) and the .eu
Claudio Corbetta, C.E.O - DADA Group
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  Welcome to Web 2.0
Franco Carlini, Journalist
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Internet Governance: the Italian perspective
Stefano Trumpy, Italian representative of ICANN's GAC and Chairman of ISOC Italy
download ppt (3500kb) Social Network
Marco Argenti, Consumer Division Director, DADA Group
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  Internet Governance: ICANN's point of view
Theresa Swinehart, General Manager, Global Partnership, ICANN
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Massimiliano Pellegrini , Managing Director
DADAmobile Inc

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  Phishing in Italy
Domenico Vulpiani, Postal Police Director
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  The impact of Social Networking in the Information Society
Fiorella De Cindio, University of Milan, Dept. Computer Science and Communication
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  Phishing : Perspectives and Solutions within an international environment
Dario Forte, Information Security Management Professor, University of Milan
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  Social Networks: a new chance for business
Alessandro Sordi, Business Division Director, DADA Group
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Internet calling & Social Networks
Faisal Galaria, Development Director, Skype
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